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    I am heaven sent,

    Don’t you dare forget.
    I am all you’ve ever wanted,
    What all the other boys all promised.
    Sorry I told. I just needed you to know.
    I think in decimals and dollars.
    I am the cause to all your problems,
    Shelter from cold. we are never alone.
    Coordinate brain and mouth.
    Then ask me whats it like to have
    Myself so figured out.
    I wish I knew..

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    Fifteen years ago today, The High & Mighty released their debut, Home Field Advantage.

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    Rain dance.

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    Matisse, 1933

    i think about this literally all the time

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    have you ever known somebody so shitty they completely ruin that first name for you?

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    Yvonne De Carlo

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    he looks so pleased with himself and that makes me happy

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    Gucci | Reals

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    Fresh herbs, sleeve in progress

    Tattoo & design by Sanne Vaghi (Berlin/traveling)



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    Jesus Christ — Brand New